Badlands Dry River Canyon

Sunday–Tuesday, October 28–30, 2018
Leader: Jane Hackett
CarCmp: 15 miles, 200 ft (Moderate)

Great trip. We made good time to our campsite in the Crooked River Canyon. We were able to sit up camp and do the only trail hike in this area before heading to town for dinner. The Chimney Rock hike is 2.5 miles round trip with an elevation gain of 500 feet the gives you a great view of canyon. Dinner was at the local brewery. The last time we were entertained by local musicians this time it was a class of local painter working on monsters. We managed to scare a Barn Owl off a telephone pole on the drive back to camp. The nights were pretty cool but we enjoyed a campfire when we returned to camp. The next day we hiked the Dry River Canyon Trail after a short diversion via GPS through the back country. The Dry River Trail is about 6 miles round trip. The trail is rocky. You are hiking between walls of basalt covered with lichen and mosses. We found 2 large Golden eagle nests plus 3 other stick nest of smaller size. This explains why the trail is closed from 2/1 to 8/31, raptors are nesting. We started this hike in the morning and you are walking into the sun it would have been better to start later. We added 2 more miles, hiking part of the Mountain Ash Trail, totally different landscape, open, sandy with large old Junipers. We headed into Prineville for Mexican food and then back to camp for a final campfire.

Members: Jane Hackett, David Lodeesen, Brad Bennett, Chris Shuraleff, Janet Whitesides, Cindy Rust, Meg Stewart Smith.

Crooked River Hike —photo by Brad Bennett
click here for more photos from this trip

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