Cape Mountain

Saturday, February 23, 2019
Leader: Joel Greer
Hike: 8 miles, 1100 ft (Moderate)

Cooperative weather allowed our group of 14 hikers to hike the entire 8 mile loop as planned. We had light fog instead of the forecasted rain, but visibility was limited and we only saw occasional hazy glimpses of the ocean. We could hear the ocean better than we could see it. However, we enjoyed the beautiful forest with the occasional enormous old-growth trees. The trail was in good condition, with very little mud, and the inclines were gentle so the elevation gain was not difficult. We stopped briefly to see the rather dilapidated Indian shelter along the Scurvy Ridge Trail. We made two stream crossings using conveniently located fallen trees as bridges. We probably made too much noise to see any elk in the meadows along Nelson Ridge Trail, but still enjoyed the lunch stop in one of the meadows. The rain began to fall shortly after our three vehicles left the Dry Lake trailhead parking lot, and we experienced continuous rain on the drive back to Eugene. It was a very successful outing, and we were very lucky with the weather!

Members: Greer, Joel, Greer, Esme, Bean, Denise, Sojak, Darko, Whitfield, Nancy, Krentz, Holger, Rice, Cindy, Rundle, Tom, Cooney, Marguerite, Whitesides, Janet, Masin, Rachelle, Koch, Elizabeth, Van Liefde, Lisa. Nonmembers: Flashenberg, Paul.

Hiking Wapiti trail—photo by Darko Sojak
click here for more photos from this trip

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