National Trails Day

Saturday, June 6, 2020
Leader: Matt Bell
Trl Mnt: 1 miles, 500 ft (Moderate)

Most of our group met up with Ivery to remove false brome at the correct Amazon Headwares trailhead and hiked up the trail learning to identify false brome and practicing its removal while avoiding poison oak. Those of us whose dog decided to run off and explore the neighborhood arrived late and got in a excellent hike up and down the headwaters trail only to find them on a parallel trail. We learned quickly to identify the yellowish grass with the slightly hairy stalk as false brome and remove it.

Members: Matt Bell, Clara Emlen, Janet Jacobsen, Pat Soussan, Nathaniel Bell.

Janet has a large sample of false brome grass that we are to dig up within 20 feet from the trail and bag for disposal—photo by Pat Soussan
click here for more photos from this trip

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