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Obsidian Covid-19 Statement - May 2022

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May 25 TrlMnt Ridgeline Bridge Repair
May 26 Hike Mtneering Conditioning
May 26 Potluck May Potluck Party
May 27 Hike Thurston Hills Vista Lp
May 28 Hike Spring Flower Gardens Mea
May 30 Hike Masonic Cemetery/Obsidian
May 31 Hike Blanton Ridge to Spencer
May 31 Hike Blue Pool, Sahalie Fls
May 31 Climb Mt St. Helens- Graduation
Jun 1 Hike Amazon Hdwtrs/Spencer Bt
Jun 2 Climb Mt Adams
Jun 2 Hike Pisgah Flatland Wander
Jun 2 Hike Fort Rk
Jun 4 TrlMnt National Trs Day
Jun 5 Hike Finley Wildlife Refuge
Jun 7 CarCmp Yachats Beach House Weeke
Jun 7 Hike Blanton Ridge to Spencer
Jun 8 Hike Amazon Hdwtrs/Spencer Bt
Jun 9 Hike Mtneering Conditioning
Jun 10 Hike Hager Mtn

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