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About Obsidian Potlucks:

We gather together at our lodge for potluck suppers, followed by a program, often a slideshow presentation, featuring matters of interest such as travel, outdoor activities or nature.
You are invited to our monthly potluck and programs at the Obsidian Lodge. You do not have to be an Obsidian member to attend. All are welcome.

They are usually on the last Friday of the month (except June, July, August and December) but are sometimes on a previous Friday to avoid holidays. Check our schedule for the specific date.

Social time begins at 6:05PM; the potluck dinner begins at 6:30PM; the program at 7:30PM and lasts approximately an hour. If you're not the potluck type, you can show up just for the presentation. If so, please arrive before 7:30PM.

Bring your favorite dish to share - a main dish, salad, casserole, bread, or dessert - and a plate, utensils, and hot beverage cup. Tea and decaf coffee will be provided.

Directions to Lodge

The program listing for upcoming potlucks follows. For information about previous potlucks, see the Potluck Archive.

Questions? Contact Entertainment Committee Chair ~ entertainment@obsidians.org

Upcoming Obsidian Potlucks:

March 29, 2024—Summer Camp Rally - Camp Fontana

If you plan on going to Camp Fontana near the Mt. Baker Wilderness area this Aug 12 through 18, 2024, you'll want to attend this Potluck & Presentation. We’ll show slides of the Silver Lake Campground near Mt Baker, the beautiful surrounding area, and some of the best hikes. We’ll also share tips of what to bring, whet your appetite with meal descriptions, and discuss chore responsibilities. If you haven’t gone camping with us before, this will be a great opportunity to learn how we do it. If you’re an old hand, please come to share your stories and get inspired to join us on another great adventure.

April 26, 2024—Climbs around the world - Morgan Watson

Morgan Watson grew up in Colorado and it was there that he began his love for climbing mountains. He is an avid outdoor adventurer and has traveled around the world to climb mountains and experience different cultures. As one of the owners of Crux Rock Gym in Eugene, he encourages others to reach their fitness goals in the gym and facilitates them to explore their adventuring spirit in their climbing gym. As our featured presenter at our April 2024 potluck, he will share with us his adventures and photos of some of his climbs and excursions around the world, including Peru, Kyrgyzstan and Nepal.

May 31, 2024—Protecting Old-Growth Forests & Wild Places - Chandra LeGue

The wild forests, mountains and rivers we enjoy hiking, climbing, and floating all have stories to tell. How did the forest along your favorite trail develop over the past few centuries and what battles were fought to protect your favorite Wilderness area or wild river? Chandra LeGue, Senior Conservation Advocate with Oregon Wild, explored some of these questions in her 2019 book "Oregon's Ancient Forests: A hiking guide." But change is the nature of life and, since her book came out, several included trails have been impacted by fire and new campaigns to protect old-growth forests and wild places have emerged.


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