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From the Media:

Stories about the Obsidians carried in various media over the years

2017:    Hikers That Volunteer  
(from the Eugene Outdoors 2017 Year in Review)

2012:    Obsidians take part in StoryCatchers

Register Guard:

3/13/2019:    Clearing toppled trees on Ridgeline Trail
5/2/2010:    ART OUTSIDE
9/26/2006:    Lodge Open House
4/3/2003:    Urban Hikes
5/6/2002:    75th Anniversary Open House
1/3/2002:    Solid As a Rock - 75th
12/9/1999:    The Obsidian 'Princesses'
4/9/1998:    Mountaineering Tradition
5/24/1964:    Learning the Ropes  

Springfield News:

   3/23/2005: Outdoors and Bargains

Senior and Boomer News:

   3/2007: Have Fun! Join the Obsidians  

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